Thursday, August 30, 2007

Additional way to submit information


If you don't want to submit your information to me through comments, I'm going to have my gmail account as a place where people can e-mail me information:

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A new idea for meeting people


I have lately become rather frustrated with the Orthodox dating scene. A number of years ago (was it 12??) I tried creating a group called "Eem B'Chirat Libam" -- with the choice of their hearts -- to try to fix people up. Since I didn't get a lot of applications, it didn't work out too well.

So I'm starting this blog. My idea is that maybe I'll meet someone for me, but also that I may find (or help) other people meet each other. I'm starting by writing the introductory blog entry and I hope that others will come and comment (I'll have this set up so that I look at the comments and I have to approve them to "go up" on the site, so if someone doesn't want their comment or profile information on the site, then they should tell me and I won't put it up, but I'll keep it in mind if I see someone who looks appropriate).

Now, as I did with Eem B'Chirat Libam, I'm not going to get too deeply into what people are looking for -- basically, I figure, gender, age group -- can be loose -- and hashkafa are the main things. Other things are for the people involved to decide. That's where e-mailing or phone conversations come in. And, because this is going to be free, it's "no-frills" as in we're all adults here (well, yes, you should be an adult to post here) and we all know that the best way to meet someone we don't know is to meet them in a public place.

So let's see how things go.

About me -- I'm very Liberal Modern Orthodox (some might call it Conservadox???) -- I wear pants, watch television, go to movies, learn Gemara, etc. but I am shomeret Shabbat (I keep Shabbat), Kashrut. I'm looking for someone in that hashkafa who is mid-40s to mid 50s.

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