Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Private information


It seems that comments are being displayed immediately, without my input, so if you want to send me anything private (including information about yourself) please send it to my gmail account.

Thank you.

"The Management"

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Writing singles articles


A number of years ago, there came into being in the Central New Jersey area a new Jewish newspaper. And the L-rd said, "let there be articles".

Ok, well, maybe G-d didn't say that, but there was a new Jewish newspaper. And I started writing singles articles for this newspaper.

I don't get HBO, so I had to wait for a few years for "Sex and the City" to come to TBS. So a few years ago, I got to see an episode where Carry Bradshaw, who is single the entire run of the show, is asked to give a class at the "Learning Annex" on meeting men. During the first class, she loses most of the "audience" because they ask her if she's ever been married and decide that since she's never been married, she doesn't know any more about this topic than they do.

After writing articles about being single, I understood what she was going through. I was writing articles about meeting people even though I've never met someone who I ended up marrying. I was writing articles about living single even though I lived with my parents (and, therefore, didn't run into a lot of the issues I would if I were living alone).

So what made me qualified to write these articles? I don't know. All I know is that people generally liked them.

So, now that I've started a blog on this subject, maybe I'll go back to writing articles every now and then when the "spirit moves me".

Kol Tuv.