Sunday, November 7, 2010



I'm a sucker for a free way to meet men. There aren't a lot of singles events in places (or at times) that I can get to them, so I don't have many ways of meeting men. My synagogue isn't a hotbed for singles (most of the singles there are my nieces' ages as in "Orthodox Singles: The Next Generation"). And the singles who are male and my age already know me and one or the other of us has nixed any pursuing of a relationship. So on line dating (such as it is) is my only outlet for meeting new people of the opposite gender.

So whenever eHarmony has one of its "free communications weekends" or "free communications events" such as they are having right now, I always go and look at what's there.

Now eHarmony is a bit different from most of the singles dating sites one might have experienced in the course of one's travels though the travails of single-hood (and my hood is longer than most, being that I'm in the category of "never married" and have younger siblings who are taking pictures of their grandchildren). On most of the sites, you sign up, answer a bunch of questions (some short answer and some essay, just like most history tests in High School) and then you search on certain qualities you want (like height, weight, religious level, etc.) and you get a bunch of profiles (some with pictures, some without).

On eHarmony, though, you fill out the forms, answer the requisite questions, and, based on how you answer, they set you up with profiles.

Since eHarmony isn't a specifically Jewish site, you have to state that you only want Jewish people. Mind you, this hasn't made it any more difficult for me to find profiles to contact. But having them contact me back, that's another story.

Just like JDate, which I was a member of for 2 months, during which time I contacted over 70 men, I have yet to actually meet a human being in person from eHarmony.

For my money (which is nothing), I have found that Jewish Cafe (which gives me free time from time to time) and Supertova (which is free all the time for everything), though Supertova hasn't been around long enough for me to judge -- I haven't met anyone there, either, but since it's new and always free, it's worth is. I have met people that I connected with through Jewish Cafe.

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