Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hagim u'Zmanim l'Sason?


Another Holiday season has finished (barely) and I'm feeling lonely. I'm not saying I feel alone. But there's something about the holidays that remind me how much I miss my nieces and nephews (not to mention my siblings) and how much I wish I had a husband and children. I look around the shul, esnoga, beit knesset whatever you want to call it, and I see children playing together. And then I see their mothers talking to each other. I see people going to the homes of their friends for lunch or supper and I notice that many of them are going to the families of the friends of their children.

So how are single people supposed to connect? I have no children. I have no husband. I never have. So I don't have friends through my children and I don't have friends through my husband. I can only depend on my own sparkling wit to attract potential friends. But when push comes to shove, no matter how nice I am to their children, no matter how many time I sing to them when their parents are changing their diaper, no matter how often they see me at kiddush, no matter how "there" I am, I'm not the one who they ask over for a meal (and I'm an easy guest -- because of my restrictive diet I bring my own food). When my parents are away, I sometimes get pity invitations (or I invite myself to certain friends) but that's generally about it.

And with my nieces and nephews thousands of miles away, I feel disconnected. I used to spend most holidays at least partially with them. But now they don't live here and I'm left feeling empty and lonely.

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